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Do you want more repeat clients?

textCMA is an automated text-based service that creates stunning CMAs, sparking curiosity and creating new opportunities in a channel clients pay attention to, SMS texting.

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Automated Messaging

Be where clients spend their most time, SMS texting.

Customized Lead Capture Questions

Customize the questions most important to you during the automated lead capture process.

Customer Engagement

AI Chatbot is designed to be personable and fully interactive.  


With a single text, you can spark clients’ curiosity to grow and create new business opportunities.  Powered by artificial intelligence, TextCMA is the most valuable service any Realtor® provides to their clients, keeping them happy, engaged, retained.

Smart Automated Messaging

Engage, followup, qualify leads and clients

Incredible Open Rates

95% of text sent are open within 90 seconds of receiving it.

Award Winning Team

Winner of "Most Innovative Social Media" solution.


CloudCMA Integrated

Ask for more info about other CMA vendors.

MLS Integration

Works with any MLS system, works in tandem with CMA vendors to pull listing information.

Gets Smarter

Powered by Kaydoh's artificial intelligence engine, the patent-pending technology gets smarter over time.


Can I refund anytime?

Yes you can refund your monthly payment anytime for the month you billed in.

Does this tool get smarter?

Yes, as more clients use it, the tool will get smarter and will be able to provide more valuable features based on the data it collects.

Is this an AI chatbot?

Yes, its a chatbot that uses components of AI in part of the conversation.

Can I modify the entire script of the tool?

Not at this moment.  In the future we will offer a more premium product that allows full flexibility of the script throughout the conversation.

Can I customize my qualification questions?

Yes, if you are under the Premium plan, you can modify the qualifying questions.

Will I get my own personal number?

Yes you will get an exclusive number, with your preferred area code.

Can this system be integrated with other vendors / CRMs ?

Yes, as long as the vendor has an open API, Kaydoh can work with any vendor to insert any lead that comes through TextCMA.

What reporting will I receive?

You will get weekly emails of number of leads you have in your inbox.  In future updates there will be a dashboard for you to review all of your leads.

Does the data come directly from MLS?

Yes it does, along with additional information from public data and vendor integration such as  but not limited to

  • MapQuest, Google Maps, and Aerial images.
  • Panaramio Area Photos
  • Zillow Zestimates, Demographics, Recent Home Sales, and Mortgage Quotes
  • Walk Score Neighborhood “walkability scores”
  • School information
  • Yelp Restaurant ratings

How does it work?

  1. Homeowner text, CMA to TextCMA local number exclusive to you.
  2. TextCMA generates a quick CMA and sends report via link to users phone.
  3. TextCMA follows up and ask qualifying question automatically  
  4. Realtor gets an SMS instant notification with details of the lead or existing client.

Can I give this to leads & clients?

Absolutely!   There are 3 conversation funnels available, one each for Client, Buyer or Seller

Is there any software to install?

No, that’s the awesome part is there is absolutely no software to install by you, the Realtor, or by your client or leads.

What system is used to create CMA?

We are a direct partner with CloudCMA, one of the best CMA tools on the current market.

Do I need to pay for CloudCMA separately?

It comes included for free with the:

  • TextCMA Standard
  • TextCMA Pro.

Subscription Plan

Provide your clients with a valuable service that sparks their curiosity to grow in a platform branded by you.  Keep your clients coming back for your service using cutting edge technology.

Early Access

  • Get a discount by signing up early
  • CloudCMA Account ($420 annual value)
  • Unlimited CMA Reports
  • Web Email Leads: Unlimited
  • Landing Page (email capture)
  • Single Agent
  • 24/7 always on
  • One Click CMA
  • Property Reports: Unlimited
  • Buyer Tours: Unlimited
  • Flyers: Unlimited
  • Email Support (24 hour response time)
  • Local Smart SMS number
  • Automated Smart Texting
  • Automated Smart Followup Texting
  • One Text CMA
  • Mobile Landing Page (phone capture)
  • Gets smarter over time with artificial intelligence
  • Conversation Funnel: Existing Clients
  • Conversation Funnel: Buyer Leads
  • Conversation Funnel: Seller Leads
  • Team Notification (max 5 agent)
  • Marketing Email Template
  • Qualify Leads Automatically
  • Question Customization
  • CRM Integration (available)